3 tips for looking after your skin after Christmas

Worried about your skin after the excesses of Christmas? Try these 3 tips to take care of your skin after Christmas and you'll have smooth, soft skin once again. 

We all know that Christmas is a time when excesses are the order of the day.. Marzipan, nougat, champagne, company lunches, Christmas dinner, the "rosc├│n de Reyes"... we could go on listing each and every one of the delicious delicacies that we enjoy day after day during this period. 

While we would love to tell you that this is a time to enjoy ourselves (and we stand by that), we also have to be realistic and assume that every excess has its consequences. One of them is precisely the state of the skin, which can be affected by those extra drinks and the neglect of our facial routine. 

How will you know if your skin is in bad shape after Christmas? There are several signs:

- for combination skinThe T-zone is particularly dehydrated and full of redness and small pimples due to the accumulation of sebum in the pores;

- on dry skinsIf you have a skin that is peeling, peeling is the order of the day, you will notice it especially on the forehead and cheekbones;

- in oily skinsIf you do, your pores will be larger and you will have many more blackheads, as well as the occasional annoying pimple. 

These are just some of the signs, there are many more, such as theredness or the appearance of fine expression lines which are caused by lack of hydration and excess alcohol (alcohol is a diuretic).

But don't worry, it's all fixable! We at Sam Parfums are going to give you three key tips to take care of your skin after Christmas so you can get back to radiant, flawless skin. 

Let's get started!

1. Get back to your usual beauty routine

skin care after Christmas

It is normal that during this period of time you have neglected your facial care routine a little. Late nights, rushing around and tiredness make us lazy when it comes to cleansing and caring for our skin as it deserves. 

Now that this period is over, it's time to get back to your usual beauty routine. In other words:

  • first of all, cleanse your face morning and night. Always, whether you wear make-up or not. When you go outside, impurities from the environment soak into your face, clogging pores and causing flaking and irritation. This is the first basic step in any routine. Use a gentle cleanser with an enveloping fragrance and cleansing your skin every morning will become a pleasure you won't be able to give up.
  • exfoliates deeply to thoroughly cleanse pores and remove dead cells. Make sure it is a non-comedogenic exfoliating scrub, otherwise you'll get those annoying pimples again.
  • apply the appropriate serum for your specific skin needs. The most popular are the serums with hyaluronic acidbecause this component retains moisture much more effectively and has various antioxidant properties. 
  • deeply moisturises to leave skin soft and luminous. A plus: if your moisturiser contains probioticsyou will be enhancing the effect facelift
  • seal your treatment with sunscreen. The best thing to do in such cases is to use of a BB Cream containing sun protection factor at the same time it evens and smoothes, giving you a full "good face" look.

2. Sleep 7 to 9 hours a day

skin care after Christmas

Many underestimate the value of sleep and of deep, restful rest. When we are asleep, our skin takes advantage of these moments to carry out its internal regeneration processes.

After a good night's sleep and a good night's rest, you wake up with glowing skin? That's the state we should always wake up in. However, stress and our busy lives play tricks on us.. Among them, giving us that tired, aged look. 

To avoid this, try to sleep between 7 and 9 hours a day (it depends a lot on your sleep cycles, but it's usually around this amount of time). Now that you don't sleep so much, you have the opportunity to catch up on the sleep deficit your skin so badly needs ­čÖé

3. Eat a healthy and balanced diet.

Unfortunately, the time for marzipan and nougat is over. The time has come to return to a correct and healthy diet. 

skin care after Christmas

This is not to say that you should go on a detox diet, with green smoothies or fruit-filled shakes.but simply to give up those fats and sugars that you know are not good for your health: ultra-processed foods, sweets, fast food, etc.

As a new year begins take the opportunity to incorporate new eating habitsEat more vegetables and fruit, enough carbohydrates and protein and you'll see your skin start to glow again. 

Did you like our tips on how to take care of your skin after Christmas? Remember that at Sam Parfums we have all types of beauty and cosmetic products to help your skin regenerate properly. 

Visit us at our Sam Parfums website and take advantage of our sales, we are waiting for you!

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