facial care recommendations for men

3 facial care recommendations for men

Discover now 3 recommendations of facial care for men and give the best products to your partner for Valentine's Day.

With Valentine's Day on the horizonAnyone who is in love is in search of the best gift for his or her partner. 

It may be hard to believe, but a gift of facial care for a man can be a wonderful gesture.especially if you are someone who has a regular facial routine. 

If you're thinking of giving your male partner a beauty routine for Valentine's Day, then this is the perfect gift for you.In this post we tell you about 3 facial care recommendations for men that you should follow so that you have a radiant and perfect skin.

Characteristics of male skin

Men's skin requires the same care and pampering as its female counterpart.. However, there are some particular aspects that should be taken into account before purchasing any product:

  • men's skin is generally much oilierbecause their pores are larger. Their sebum production is higher, so they tend to have more severe acne at puberty.
  • is thicker and strongerbut less sensitive to touch, temperature or pain. 
  • tends to age later than women's skin, but the changes are much faster and the wrinkles are deeper.
  • produce more sweat because they have more hair follicles. In addition, their pH is lower, so they tend to have more impurities.
  • shaving and shaving make them more prone to dryness and irritation

These characteristics require that the men's facial routine has a few essential steps. We detail them below.

facial care recommendations for men

Fundamental steps for a perfect men's facial routine

First of all, daily facial cleansing and deep cleansing.

As we have already mentioned, men tend to produce more sebum than women's skin. This makes it practically obligatory to thoroughly cleanse the face every day. If it is in the morning and evening, so much the better.

A good choice as a cleaning product is the Shisheido brand with its Shisheido Men CleanserThe skin is left refreshed and prepared for the next steps.

Careful shaving

Although it is not fashionable these days, many men opt for a full shave, although some men also prefer to grow a moustache, goatee or trim certain areas.

If your partner is one of those who shave their entire body, you should bear in mind that shaving is a very aggressive procedure for the skin.which causes the irritations and dryness mentioned above. 

What is recommended then?

  • always shave in the direction of hair growthnever the other way round. Otherwise, we take away part of the dermis.
  • frequent blade changes. Multiple passes may cause a mistake to be made and a cut to occur.
  • use a nourishing shaving foamThe blade can also be used with aloe vera or centella asiatica to help the razor glide over the skin without drying it out.
  • using hot water to open the pores during shaving will make the process much easier. Once finished, use cold water to close them and protect the skin from impurities.

Deeply moisturise the skin

Although men are prone to oily skin, this is precisely why you need to pay attention to moisturising your skin. Often the feeling of sebum "tricks" us. making cleansing too aggressive for the skin. 

Instead of obsessing over cleansing, don't skip the moisturising step. There are products with a light or gel-like texturesuitable for sensitive skin such as Biotherm after shaveThe skin's nourishing barrier is reinforced and the greasy feeling is reduced. 

Moisturising your skin provides a shield against environmental impurities. and helps to keep skin soft and clean for longer.

facial care recommendations for men

Extra tips for men's facial care

If you want your partner to take their facial routine to the next level, there are a few extra tips they can adopt:

  • after cleansing, an exfoliation completely removes the dead skin cells and is a perfect complement to a once or twice a week complete skin purification.
  • serums complement specific skin needse.g. brightness or spot reduction. After shaving, applying the serum and then the moisturising lotion will form an unbeatable team for your skin.
  • apply sunscreen at the end of your treatment. Ultraviolet radiation is very damaging to the face, promoting premature ageing. Applying sun protection is an extra barrier that the face will always be grateful for.
  • if you have a beard, do not apply face products on your beard.apply them to the skin. The facial products are precisely designed for the skin and do not benefit it if you apply them on the hair. For the beard there are other specific products designed exclusively to moisturise and care for it. 

Did you like our recommendations on facial care for men? Knowing this you can now give the perfect Valentine's Day gift to your partner. At Sam Parfums we also work with the best men's facial cosmetics brands market to ensure that your partner gets the care he or she deserves.

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Thank you for sharing this informative article on men's facial care. I hope there are a lot of men who could read this and be guided.


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