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Pandora or Tous: which one to choose?

If you are undecided whether to give a Pandora or a Tous jewel, here we tell you what kind of people use one or the other depending on their personality. 

Pandora VS Tous Which one is better?

One of the most popular gifts when it comes to giving someone a token of our love and affection is a piece of jewellery. 

However, jewellery is like clothes, decoration or accessories: it gives away a lot about the personality of the person wearing it.. A very classic example of this is watches, which, depending on their type and size, can give you clues about a person's preferences.

If we focus on the jewellery part, you will see that brands in this sector are always looking for a distinction based on their personality. You can easily see this in their slogans and advertising campaigns and, of course, in the type of jewellery they offer: their pendants, bracelets, rings, etc.

In this sense, there are two famous brands that have won a place in many people's hearts, not only for the quality of their products, but also for their value proposition. Yes, that's right, we talk about Pandora and Tous.

But, which is better? How do we know if we have made the right choice by buying one or the other? Fear not, here at Sam Parfums we are going to tell you a little bit about the history of each one and for which type of person it is more appropriate to give something from Tous or Pandora. 

The history of Pandora and the trajectory of Tous

The character of the Pandora brand

We already gave you a great detail about the history and journey of the Pandora jewellery brandHowever, it is worth remembering a few details in order to focus on his personality. 

At Pandora, one of the most outstanding values is precisely the delicacy. The charms were created with that meticulousness, that attention to detail that marks what Pandora seeks above all else: to make the wearer feel unique and special. 

That is why Pandora has collections that lead to nostalgia and the thematiclike the Disney charms or those designed for the Marvel series. Each of them marks a preference, a taste, a touch of personality different from everything else. It doesn't have to be elegant per se, but it does have to to clearly mark a differentiating qualitya concept, a particular character that reveals a piece of the wearer's soul.

Tous, brief history

Brief history of Tous

Moving on to Tous, its history begins in the 1920sSalvador Tous Blavi, a watchmaker by trade, moved to the Catalan town of Manresa to open his family business. 

It wasn't until 1985 that the the emblematic Tous teddy bear, and was already the third generation of the Tous family. They no longer only produced watches, but also expanded their field to fully embodied jewellery. 

Of course, no one doubts its international success, mainly thanks to its brand ambassadors, who not only promote its jewellery, but also fashion, bags, perfumes, accessories, etc.

Its most popular icon, the teddy bear, has become a tell-tale badge of something tender, sentimental, affable

What kind of person wears Pandora jewellery?

If you are looking for the perfect gift for that special person, first make sure that the brand character matches her. In the case of Pandora or Tous, both have their own personality and, as with the colours, both have their own personality: jewellery to suit all tastes.

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In the case of PandoraThe brand seeks to focus on those women who want something exclusive, something that evokes a good memory, whether nostalgic or not. Something that enhances their personality and that they can be proud of with just a flick of the wrist. Maybe it's a night at the movies, maybe it's a character that marked their childhood, or maybe it's simply a symbol that makes them feel like the most powerful person in the world.

Whatever the reason, Pandora users are looking for something particular, concrete and precise.. Something unique and unusual to find, showing that they are non-conformist and tenacious in their objectives.

What kind of people use the Tous brand?

Those who use the Tous brand as an emblem have one thing in common: want to evoke something tender and affablesomething special and flirty to add a touch of freshness to a busy day.

In fact, tenderness is one of the brand values on which Tous places most emphasis, and that is precisely what its teddy bear is all about: a symbol where each person, when they look at it, remembers their childhood fondly and the time when laughter was the most common sound. Tous also fits very well with those people with a sweet and easy-going character, with a young and cheerful yet discreet spirit. Someone who may be demure in form, but it is in the details that his essence is truly found.

And you, are you a Tous or a Pandora? At Sam Parfums We find it difficult to choose and that is why we have both brands in our catalogue of jewellery, fashion and accessories products.

Enter now in the Sam Parfums website and you are sure to get the most special gift of the brands Tous y PandoraTake advantage of our discounts!

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