Mother's Day Gift Ideas: Fragrances and Accessories

6 gift ideas for Mother's Day and surprise her with a special and unique gift: handbags, perfumes and accessories from original brands.

When we have a gift for our loved ones, we should not only look at the materialistic part: what it is, what it cost or how much money it is worth. UA gift is a sign that the person has thought about you for a few moments to wonder what you might like.She's always thinking about a thousand ideas and showing that adorable insecurity when she gives you a gift and doesn't know if you're going to get it right.

That is, even with everything, someone has dedicated their time and love exclusively to you in order to give you a detail that you like.. If we stop to think about it, who is that person who has dedicated her whole life exclusively to you, to protect you and to take care of you? We all know: our mothers.

They are the reason why we are here.We are always excited when we go to eat at his house because he will serve us our favourite dish or because he will always make sure that you have a snack to take home with you. 

They, and only they, deserve everything, and for that reason we must dedicate this day to them with all the love and affection we can give them.wherever they are. 

If you are still in doubt about what to give your mother on this special day, here at Sam Parfums we give you 7 gift ideas for Mother's Day, with fragrances and accessories that will make her fall in love..

Valentino's fragrance: Donna Born in Roma Coral Fantasy

perfume Valentino mother's day gift Sam parfums

Exclusive, unique, the newest of the Valentino brand comes loaded with strength to show us one of its most evocative perfumes.

With Donna Born in Roma, Valentino wants to take you on a tripto watch a sunset from a terrace. Its fruity scent contains hints of kiwi and jasmine, mixed with hibiscus seeds, musk and rose where it makes you a promise: you will succeed.

The Star Wars x Pandora collection, for fans of the galactic saga.

Pandora has always been a brand famous for its original collections and its beautifully crafted charms that everyone collects and wears with pride. 

Pandora Star wars jewellery

If you have a mother who is absolutely addicted to Star Wars films or series (new or old), she'll love it if you bring her a little something in the shape of C3PO or BB8, although it could be that she's been sucked into the dark side of the force and wants to carry a tiny Darth Vader in her heart. Whether on the dark side or the light side of the Force, there is a charm for her.

Valentino Clutch Divina

Not for those who don't pay attention to detail (although being a mum, that's difficult).

Valentino nude clutch bag

The Divina clutch bag by Valentino promises to conquer looks with very little space. The clutch model is perfect for those who don't need more than the essentials and they don't want their bag to be a heavy accessory, but a detail in harmony with the rest of their outfit. 

Tous Kaos baguette bag 

Tous Kaos bag at Sam parfums

We leave Valentino for the moment to go to another of the big fashion brands: Tous. Its teddy bear may be a bit ostentatious for some, but it is certainly is a brand with a lot of personality not suitable for cowards.

If your mother is a fan of the Tous brand, the Kaos baguette style bag will allow you to happily show off the distinctive bear print. Plus, its medium size allows you to conserve space in case there are a few unexpected things to store.

The Amaranth bag by Valentino

Valentino handbag red colour

We haven't forgotten Valentino yet, especially with this big bag in powerful red that has set out to steal the show.

Several compartments, snake print and chain handle for carrying it as a shoulder bag, on Valentino Amaranth bag goes straight to the boldest and the strongestwith a red colour full of personality and passion.

Tous Shopping Kaos Legacy

Brown Tous bag

Large, black and spacious, the Tous Shopping bag promises all that it shows: room to carry the world on your back and style. to take anywhere without clashing with the surroundings.

It is made of water-repellent canvas with brown, beige and red cowhide leather details. It has a gold-tone turn-lock closure and an open pocket on the inside to help you sort your contents. Suitable for both hand and shoulder carry. 

Want more ideas? Visit us then in our Sam Parfums websitewhere you will find thousands of fragrances, cosmetic products, jewellery y complements so that you can surprise this Mother's Day with all the guarantees of quality. Visit us!

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