tips for using sun tan lotion

5 tips for using sunscreen

Get the perfect tan this summer with these tips from Sam Parfums for golden, luminous and radiant skin.

Summer is here and we can't wait to use sunscreen products, get a tan and get that tan to show off later.

Some people get lucky in the genetics lottery and get a golden tan after just two minutes in the sun, but others less fortunate have to apply it thoroughly to get at least a respectable tan. 

The biggest controversy is that tends to be abused either from products that burn more than anything else, or by not taking sufficient precautions when facing the sun.

Because, yes, of course, the sun has many benefits for our skin (it is our main source of vitamin D), but if we do not take proper care, it becomes a dangerous enemy for our dermis: it causes burns, eczema or moles that we must then consult a dermatologist and pray that they have not turned into the dreaded melanomas.

One of the most coveted products for this time of the year, apart from the solar products (obviously), are suntan lotions. However, it is precisely the abuse of these products without adequate protection that can have a fatal outcome for your skin.

That's why, at Sam Parfums, we're going to give you a few tips so that you can know how to use sunscreen properly and sunbathe happily and carefree in the sun.

Texture doesn't matter, protection does

When we talk about sun tan lotion, we have to mean it in the most literal sense possible.

A sunscreen is not a sunscreen. In other words, yes, it protects, but that is not its purpose. The purpose of a good sunscreen is to accelerate your melanin process. It offers you a moisturizing based on vegetable oils that are in charge of accelerate the pigmentation of your skin

In other words, with sun tan lotion you get a tan faster. This has its advantages, of course, because you need less time in the sun to notice its effects.

tips for using sun tan lotion

However, no one knows how to spend only 10 minutes in the sun and the exposure to the sun is likely to be longer. That is why it is advisable that before using the sun tan lotion you apply a good base of specific sunscreen. So, with a good base, you won't get burnt and the results will be simply excellent. 

Of course, you can also find the perfect combo, like this one. Lancaster sunscreen with tanning active ingredient.

Whether you use oil, cream, stick or gel, the recommendation is the same: protect yourself first.

Take your time

As with sunscreen, tanning lotions should be spread out evenly so that there are no unsightly streaks. 

Moreover, once you apply it, you must wait at least five minutes before putting on any garment to avoid staining it. 

Know your skin type

Not all skins are the same, so the way they react to the sun's rays also differs. 

And just like all skins, they have their particularities, in one's own body each area deserves specific care. That is why there are sun tanning lotions specifically for the face and tanning lotions that are more suitable for the body. 

tips for using sun tan lotion

Why is this happening? Because the skin on the face is much more delicate and less resistant, so we have to take special care before launching any product.

That's why it's important to know your skin type: if you're very dark, you may not need as high an SPF as a white person with freckles. Even so, make sure you don't go below SPF 30 and raise it to 50 if you are the type that turns red as soon as the sun shines on you. 

Always stay hydrated

This is more than a tanner application tip, is a must if you want to really enjoy a good sunbathing session.

For healthy skin you need to moisturise constantly, especially if you're out in the sun. Dehydrated skin, apart from burning more easily, also means that for all practical purposes it will peel off sooner and you will lose your coveted tan. 

That is why, once your beach session is over, rub your skin with a good after-sun cream. to maintain the moisture you need in the dermis.

In short, don't neglect your skin in the sun and protect yourself adequately. With bronzers you will not only achieve a much faster tan, but also a more even and beautiful golden skin.

In addition, at Sam Parfums we can offer you the sun tanning lotions of such famous brands as Lancaster, Anne Möller, Shisheido y Lancome

Have a look at our Sam Parfums website and don't miss out on the offers we have for you. 

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