How to get flawless skin without make-up in 7 steps

Here's the step-by-step guide to beautiful skin without makeup products, with basic tricks for a glowing, enviable complexion.

We all want to have radiant skin like a babywithout imperfections, blemishes, dark circles under the eyes or spots that are not only annoying, but in some extreme cases can affect a person's self-esteem (and a lot). 

One of the great truths about the skin is that, over the years, imperfections will eventually show up..

Elements such as wrinkles or expression lines are part of our fate, something we have to deal with from a certain age onwards. Because of this, the make-up industry manages to be one of the most lucrative, because with a few gentle touch-ups you can work real magic with your look and your skin.

However, well-groomed, clean, moisturised and glowing skin can be achieved at any age. and without using products that "cover up our face". Proof of this are, for example, the Korean women with their legendary 7-step routine or celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez and Charlize Theron, who despite their age achieve a skin that even younger women envy. 

How do they do it? In fact, achieving radiant skin without make-up is a matter of following a simple protocol.o, but powerful. If you want to know, read on and we'll tell you the 7 steps you need to take to get flawless skin without make-up.

1º Cleanse your face thoroughly

And not just once, but twice during the day: in the morning and in the evening.

Why should we do it twice? Because our skin, when we wake up in the morning, is more rested and fresh, we have just regenerated our cells thanks to the rest.

However, throughout the day we are subjected to a multitude of factors that affect our epidermis.The sun, dirt, dust, etc. Therefore, when we get home after a long day, it is a good idea to cleanse our skin a second time to remove all traces of the outside world that have remained on it.

A highly recommended option is to opt for multifunctional products. In this sense, the Lancôme facial cleanser has a foam format enriched with nourishing active ingredients. It is also especially suitable for delicate skinThe skin feels smooth and does not feel taut. In fact, it also promotes fluid retention for dry skin..

Moisturising and cleansing facial treatments for a make-up-free face

2º Exfoliate your skin regularly

Regularly means at least twice a week. Some experts even recommend doing it daily, as long as you don't have sensitive skin and use a gentle exfoliator. 

Exfoliating your skin allows you to remove the clogged pores that a cleanser can't always clear.. When you use an exfoliator, these tiny particles are responsible for penetrating deeper into the dermis and removing dirt more effectively. 

We especially recommend this step if your skin type is oily, but it is actually a mandatory step for a well-groomed face.

An example of a gentle exfoliator is the Clarins brand. Doux Nettoyant is a cleaner and exfoliating that penetrates the pores. Thanks to the orange and moronga seed extracts, it is possible tosupports the skin's PH and its natural hydrationIt intensifies the sensation of cleanliness and comfort without causing severe aggression to the dermis. This is achieved thanks to the silica micro-spheres that gently eliminate pores.

3º Get a powerful serum

Serums (or "serums", if you don't want to use the Latin term) are tiny elixirs that treat specific needs of our skin.

For example, they can help remove spots and freckles, give you extra moisture if your skin is too dry, or act as a sebum regulator if your skin is more oily or combination. 

Whatever specific skin problem you have, pinpoint it and treat it with a serum.. You will notice the improvement within a few days of starting to apply it.

Once again, Clarins has a very good option with the Complete Double Serum Treatmentwhich acts on the five phases of skin protectionHydration, nutrition, oxygenation, protection and cell regeneration. Despite its application as an extra moisturiser, it is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

4º Always moisturise your skin

And when we say always, we mean always. 

There is a common skincare myth that oily skin does not need moisturising or that dry skin is doomed to flake.

This is not correct and is often the case simply because we do not have well identified the type of skin we have and the needs it demands of us. 

Oily skin, despite its shiny appearance and excess sebum, is not moisturised. And dry skin is not condemned to flaking if you choose moisturising active ingredients that are powerful and regenerating. That is why, we should not skimp when it comes to taking the time to get to know each other..

Without hydration, our skin will look dull and dull, and we will never achieve the radiant look we are looking for without make-up.

A very good alternative to solve this problem is the lipid-replenishing moisturiser. Nutrix Royal by Lancôme. It has a highly suitable royal jelly-rich complex to restore suppleness and softness to dry skin. 

To this end, its formula is designed to relaunching lipid production to combat roughness and flaking, without leaving a shiny or greasy film. In addition, it gives extra protection in case of adverse weather conditions. 

A well-groomed face without make-up

5º Take care of your diet

Diet is a very influential factor in the condition of your skin, much more so than you think.

Sweets, sugars, pastries and refined flours provoke a series of reactions that culminate in the appearance of imperfections (blackheads, pimples, redness, etc.). 

Try to watch your diet and, above all, try to replace soft drinks and sugary drinks with water. Water is one of the key conditioning factors. to moisturise and care for our skin, freeing it from impurities and draining it day after day. 

As soon as you start taking care of your diet with a good diet, you will notice how your skin will thank you for it.

6º Sleep and take time to rest.

When we sleep, as we said before, our cells regenerate and our brain "recycles" everything that is no longer useful to us.

That is why it is so important to rest deeply and sleep 8 hours a day so that our body has had time to renew itself. Without this rest period, and you will have seen it for sure, your skin will be pale, your imperfections will be much more noticeable (including those pesky dark circles) and we will take many steps backwards in our goal of achieving radiant skin.

7º Don't forget the sunscreen

This is one of the great forgotten and yet, one of the essential elements if you want to "fight against time"..

The sun, the source of life and vitamin D, is a potential enemy of our skin if we take too much. That's not to say that summer is the only time you should apply sunscreen. Even if it's winter or a cloudy day, ultraviolet rays pass through the upper layer of our atmosphere and continue to impact our skin. 

Because of this, it is important that you are permanently protected from the sun with the right protection factor and thus contribute positively to expression lines and wrinkles appearing much later.

Anne Möller is a Spanish brand whose laboratories in Barcelona have been researching biocellular cosmetics since 2002. Its star products include SUN CREAMSas the Non Stop SPF 50The formulation is designed for combination and oily skin, avoiding shine and an oily sensation.

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