recovering skin after summer

Keys to recovering your skin after the summer

Find out now all the keys to recover your skin after the summer and regain a smooth, flawless complexion.

It is undeniable that we all love summer. Being able to walk around with a caipirinha in your hand, watching the sea in the background and not having to take your jacket off at night is a stress reliever for everyone. 

But let's not fool ourselves, everything has an expiry date, and in the case of summer it's the same thing: in September it's time to get back to the routine and resume the life we have left behind for a short period of time.

That's right, no one can take away our ability to boast a beautiful, even tan. and sweet freckles on her cheeks. 

Although September sounds a bit like a catastrophe, the truth is that it also brings good things. One of them is precisely for your skin: after the aggressions it has suffered throughout the summer, it is time to rest and take care of it as it really deserves.

Because it is, skin suffers a lot in summermore than you think. That's why at Sam Parfums we're going to tell you how summer affects your skin and possible solutions you can apply to recover your skin after the summer and leave it as smooth and radiant as ever.

What are the harmful effects of sun, sand and heat on your skin?

The truth is, we could give you a long list of reasons why these three elements are potential long-term enemies of your skin, but we wouldn't be being fair.

In fact, the sun is our main source of vitamin D. We should never forget that the sun's rays tend to be demonised, but they are responsible for regulating our circadian rhythms, improving our mood and synthesising certain processes that we would not otherwise be able to carry out.

recovering skin after summer

However, like everything else in life, excess is bad. And it is unfortunately very common to see people sunbathing for long hours without adequate protection against the sun. This causes:

  • spots and freckles;
  • burns;
  • polka dots;
  • premature ageing;
  • early expression wrinkles;
  • in excessive cases, cancer or melanoma.

In other words, the simple gesture of applying sun cream before going to the beach can save us a lot of unpleasantness.

But it doesn't end there, as it is not only the sun that has a negative impact to the skin in summer:

  • Sand and salt from the sea constantly irritate our skinThe skin becomes reactive to the slightest touch. This "reactivity" takes the form of spots, more "greasiness" (or flakiness) and pimples due to the thickening of the horny layer.
  • Eating and drinking less healthily at this time of year also makes the skin look more damaged, less radiant and "dirtier".

How can you recover your skin after the summer?

When we talked about the types of skins that exist and how to care for themIn the end, there is a repeating pattern in the care of all of them: cleanse, exfoliate and moisturise.

In summer, this becomes even more important because, apart from the fact that the skin becomes reactive, accumulates much more dirt from sweat, sand, sea salt or make-up. that we throw ourselves out.

recovering skin after summer

To recover your skin after the summer, you can opt for various formulas ranging from deep peeling and dermo-cosmetic treatments to radiofrequency and mesotherapy.

At Sam Parfums we are more classic and you will see how with a careful and meticulous treatment you can recover your skin in just a few weeks.

Let's go into detail step by step:

Cleanse and exfoliate your skin 

You know this is always the first step. The first thing we must do on our skin is deep cleaning to remove any impurities we may have.

Here you can include apply a peeling-type exfoliating maska deeper form of exfoliation that leaves your skin looking like a blank canvas.

Apply the serum

Although it is a step that is often overlooked, it is certain that serums are great allies to improve specific aspects.

In this regard, opt for serums that contain extra vitamin D, or that reduce pigmentation. The serums formulated with aloe vera can be a very interesting option in such cases.

The most important step: moisturise deeply.

Whether you have oily, combination or dry skin, this step is essential if you want to regain a soft and smooth texture. 

Skin tends to become more dehydrated than usual during the summer season.So don't skimp when it comes to choosing a deep moisturiser that takes care of your skin in every detail.

Currently you can find moisturisers with sun protection factor (SPF) included, to protect your skin to the maximum when it's your turn to go out.

Have these tips for recovering your skin after the summer been useful? Remember that in Sam Parfums we have all kinds of cosmetic products perfect for renewing your skin. Enter now in our Sam Parfums website and discover all we have to offer - see you!

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