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Are you a handbag, backpack or shoulder bag person?

Are you hesitating whether to give a handbag, a backpack or a shoulder bag as a gift? Don't worry, in this post we tell you how they are, their advantages and disadvantages so you can choose wisely which one to get.

If there is one accessory in this life that has been a true invention of mankind, it is undoubtedly the handbag. That is to say, that element that we can carry in our hand or on our back to transport objects from one place to another.

Now it is not for us to talk about the origins of the handbag (we will tell you about that in the near future), but By now you are probably overwhelmed by the number of offers, models, colours and shapes you can find.. They're all beautiful, they all look great, but you're not completely happy and don't know which one to choose. 

It's normal, right now you can find everything: bags baguetteshoulder bags, shoulder bags, big bags, small bags, small bagss... which one will best match your needs and your personality?

Don't worry, right now at Sam Parfums we tell you all about handbags, backpacks and shoulder bags. so that you can choose wisely the one that best suits your situation.

Let's get started!

The HANDBAGSideal for fashion lovers

backpack or shoulder bag

Handbags are those that have two handles by which to hold it or hang it over the shoulder.. An example would be this Tous Amaya Kaos Icon handbag. Generally, the favourites in this type of bag tend to be the large ones, designed to carry various types of objects. 

What are your advantages?

  • They have a multitude of interior pocketsThis allows you to sort through the contents of your bag so you can find your belongings more quickly.
  • Its large size makes it possible to fit multiple "just in case: make-up kit, personal hygiene kit for travel, diary, pencil case, tablet...
  • They are suitable for carrying a more urban styleThey go very well with clothes and shoes.

However, their disadvantages are:

  • Unfortunately, its large size is an obstacle in itself because it the bigger it is, the more objects we put in it. This can mean that the more items you store, the more it can warp or tear when you put too much in it.
  • They require some care so that they are not deformed;
  • It is necessary to have caution with excess weightcan cause shoulder and neck pain.

You're sure to get it right if the person is the type who takes everything with them and likes to be fashionable.

Shoulder bags: pragmatic and flirtatious

backpack shoulder bag

These are the ones you will see most often, you have the option to carry them by hand and they have a long handle to carry them across your shoulders.. An example of this can be found in this Tous Liz shoulder bag in fuchsia. This cross-body model can also be used in backpacks (more on this later). They have a wide variety of sizes to choose from.

Let's take a look at their advantages:

  • They are usually more comfortable to wear. As they are crossed, you don't have to constantly hold on to them so they don't fall off;
  • Particularly small ones, you can comfortably carry them everywhere and they are very suitable for parties.weddings, christenings, communions, etc.

However, their disadvantages are:

  • They are impractical for holding a lot of objectsare designed to carry the essentials;
  • If you carry too much weight on them, can be easily deformed and cause shoulder and neck contractures.

They are perfect for pragmatic people who carry the bare essentials.

Backpacks, ready for any adventure

backpack shoulder bag

Finally, to talk about backpacks, we have to specify several details. Some backpacks also have a cross-body strap, and even there are handbags that can be converted into backpacks (such as this marvel by Tous, the Empire Soft Chain).

¿Qué advantages do they have?

  • Perfect for the back. By carrying two handles, the weight is better distributed between your shoulders and does not create contractures;
  • They are very versatileThere are designs so varied and exclusive that they are suitable for both informal gatherings and events. 
  • They are very resistantThe products are designed to withstand long hours of use.

However, what disadvantages do they have?

  • Handles wear out easilyespecially if they are made of leatherette;
  • Related to the above, also produce marks on clothing. If you wear the same jacket with your backpack every day, you will end up with a shallow groove.

People who tend to wear backpacks are adventurous, adventurous and very manual. They seek sensations through touch and need a lot of space to move their hands. 

And who are you: handbag, backpack or shoulder bag? Whichever you are, Sam Parfums has a place for you. We have a wide selection of backpacks, handbags and shoulder bags. brands such as Tous that we are sure you will love.

Visit us at our Sam Parfums website and discover all our offers and discounts. 

Take the world with you with Sam Parfums!

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