Our vast experience in the beauty market makes it possible for us to have the best prices on the net, continuously updated to the market.


For all purchases over € 120 your shipping is free, otherwise it will only be € 9.


Our team of advisors is available for any help you need from M-F (9.00 to 16.00)


If you are not satisfied with your purchase you will have 15 days to return it or exchange it for another one, the important thing for us is your satisfaction.


We are official distributors of all our brands, with whom we worked since 1969, 50 years of experience guarantee us.


We are official distributors of all our brands, with whom we work in 1969, 50 years of experience behind us.

What is Sam Parfums?

In 1969, the young entrepreneur Sham Dayaram Idnani, founder of Sam Parfums, took the first steps as one of the pioneers of the perfumery sector in the Canary Islands, consolidating with honesty and hard work the foundations of what would later be a family business that has managed to grow and adapt to changes year after year and decade after decade.

50 years later, the second generation, in the figure of the three sons of the founder, rightly leads the legacy received with a constant interest in the expansion, creativity, entrepreneurship and adaptation to the technologies and systems of his time, but always having the sight and heart set on tradition and the past and respecting the values learned from his father and teacher.

All these values have been transmitted to the more than 40 professionals that today form the team of Sam Parfums. A perfect combination between traditional commerce and online sales that our customers can find in 9 points of sale strategically located in the tourist centers and in the commercial areas of more affluence of the Island for those who prefer direct treatment or with Peninsula shipments, Balearic Islands and most of the countries of Europe for those who choose to buy easily from home.

Always concerned about the continuous training of our team and the exquisite attention to our customers, we offer an excellent option for the purchase of perfumery, cosmetics, jewelry, fashion and accessories of the most exclusive firms in the market.

Our trademark "SAM PARFUMS" is one of the most prestigious and well-known in Lanzarote in the Perfumery sector.

Our shop´s:


C/León y Castillo, 9
Opening hours: 9.30 a 13.30 h / 17.00 a 20.30 h
Phone: 928 80 42 81

Puerto del Carmen

Avd Las Playas, 67
Opening hours: 10.00 a 22.00 h
Phone: 928 51 18 07

CC. Deiland

C/Chimidas 20 Playa Honda
Opening hours: 10.00 a 22.00 h
Phone: 928 82 06 48

Playa Blanca

C/Limones, 25
Opening hours: 10.00 a 22.00 h
Phone: 928 34 98 16

Costa Teguise

Avd. Las Olas 13
Opening hours: 10.00 a 21.00 h
Phone: 928 346 238

CC. Deiland Boutique

C/Chimidas 20 Playa Honda
Opening hours: 10.00 a 22.00 h
Phone: 928 83 12 67

Arrecife Complements

C/León y Castillo, 3
Opening hours: 10.00 a 14.00 / 17.00 a 20.30 h
Phone: 928 90 78 93