A Pandora bracelet is an excellent way to highlight beauty. If you already have a bracelet of this brand, surely you have noticed the quality and distinction of Pandora jewelry. This summer, the prestigious jewelry brand has presented us with a special collection and, among the new charms, there are some very special ones made in collaboration with Disney, following the theme of the Toy Story and King Léon films.

Pandora Summer Collection

Within the summer collection that Pandora has presented to us for this season, you can find the style that best suits you. From traveler-style charms, to some with exotic or wild touch.

Among the beading travelers, we find a beautiful pink suitcase and some hanging charms with different traveler motifs such as globes or hot air balloons. And, in this season, the balloon trip is the king within the leading brand in beaded bracelets, of this there is no doubt after seeing its beautiful limited edition collection.

If you like animals and nature, you cannot miss the Wild Wishes collection, where you can find an elephant pendant trinket, a monkey and a shell with diamonds. Also, a very nice rhinoceros in sterling silver has been added to Pandora's collection of friends.

Disney Edition

In the limited editions that the renowned jewelry brand has released, we find two very special ones: that of Disney classics, which this year has new additions to the Toy Story movie; and the limited edition collection that will be released on July 4 about The Lion King.

In the case of Toy Story, we found four new charms. Three of them are pendants and one is a charm in sterling silver with blue enamel of one of the three-eyed aliens that appear in the film.

The three pendants are from some of the most important characters in the Disney film: Woody, Jessie and Buzz Lightyear. Woody's charm is made of silver with black and yellow enamel and has the message You’ve got a friend in me. Buzz's is in silver with red zirconia and purple enamel, and has the inscription To infinity and beyond, the most famous phrases by which these two characters are known.

With reference to the Lion King, Pandora has launched several charms and a special bracelet, different from what we are used to, rigid silver and with golden zircons, which has the engraving Remember who you are.

In the charms you can choose between adult Simba, in gold or silver; a heart with Nala and Simba of silver puppies; or a Simba, Timón and Pumba pendant trinket that is available in both materials: silver and gold.

All these news of Pandora of great beauty can be found in Sam Parfums.

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