What is Black Friday and some curiosities

What we know as Black Friday or Black Friday is celebrated every year in different parts of the world. During this day, there are many shops that make great offers to encourage the sale of their products and we can find great bargains. But do you know what the origin of this day is? We tell you how this initiative came about, some of its curiosities and how to make the most of the offers.

How did blackfriday come about?

Black Friday is one of the most important days in American stores and, currently, this tradition has moved to many countries, including Spain.

It began during the 1950s in Philadelphia, when shoppers living in the suburbs went to the city the days after Thanksgiving. This was because the shops had promoted large sales and decorations. Years later, this day is considered the most profitable shopping day of the year, since purchases are greatly enhanced and the Christmas shopping season begins.

At present, even the offers have been extended to several days, so it does not only cover Friday, November 29. But some stores offer discounts during the week or even up to a month before. Therefore, it is the ideal occasion if you want to do your Christmas shopping or find great deals of all kinds in Lanzarote.

Amazing discounts on beauty, cosmetics and perfumery

If you love beauty, cosmetics and perfumery, you will love Black Friday !, as you can choose from a multitude of products at incredible prices. It is a great opportunity to find that perfume that you like so much and buy that makeup or lipsticks in promotion. To do this, we recommend a series of tips that will allow you to make the most of this day's offers.

1. Prepare your basket. Make a list of those products that interest you most to pick them up immediately. This way you will not miss any offer and you can buy more effectively, as there are products that can be sold out more easily.

2. Pay attention to the date. As we mentioned, there are shops that start promotions beforehand, stay tuned! So you will be the first to get the discounts.

3. Think of those gifts you will need. Christmas dates are getting closer, and this day is a great opportunity to get gifts at a better price. Take advantage and make your Christmas purchases in advance.

In short, Black Friday is a tradition that year after year gives us the opportunity to get the items that we like the most at a very competitive price and thus be able to save some money. Make the most of the offers that will appear in our stores!

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