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Autumn as an ideal time to take care of yourself

In autumn, due to the changes that occur and what we have "suffered" in summer, we must also devote time to personal care, health and beauty, in addition to this station has its own needs regarding the welfare of Our skin. This is something that should never be neglected, but we all know, during the summer we are more lax when it comes to taking care of our body, both inside and out. That is why autumn is the perfect season to revitalize and prepare for winter.

We spend the holidays taking advantage of any ray of sun to wear a beautiful tan, but that quickly disappears, right? In order not to lose that fresh and awake appearance, or let us influence our mood by the time and temperature changes, it is best to use some illuminator and / or sun dusts such as the Guerlain Terracotta, which will give us a brighter appearance and it will help us show off a more cheerful and lively image in those gray days. It will also help you maintain a spectacular look if you use lipsticks and shadows with flattering autumn colors or accessories such as the Cluse watch that will make you look fantastic wherever you go with its highlights and that mesmerizing color.

The essentials for autumn

During this season we should not forget the sun exposure, although it decreases we must continue to take it into account to prevent cancer and skin aging, blemishes and wrinkles, for this you can help with some products that prevent aging. Biotherm life plankton elixir serum is one of them, as it will improve the appearance of your skin in just eight days, supporting the natural regeneration of the skin.

To cope with a good autumn, hydration is really important, both inside, drinking plenty of water, and outside, choosing a good moisturizer that suits our skin and our needs. You can opt for the Lancome renergie multi-lift ultra anti-aging facial treatment, a global action cream that will help your skin fight against the signs of aging, in addition to giving you that lost luminosity, elasticity and preventing the appearance of spots.

The time change and the return to the routine can leave some dark circles under your eyes, for this there is nothing better than the Yves Saint Laurent touche eclat high cover nº3 almond tone, a concealer and illuminator that you can use in dark circles and other imperfections , and that will help you look fresh and radiant at any time of the day. And of course, the best partner to start a new season is a new perfume. Get drunk giving you a touch of the Free perfume of Yves Saint Laurent that with its notes of French lavender mixed with the sensuality of the orange flower of Morocco presents the first floral lavender, evoking the path of freedom that will get you back to the routine is much more palatable. These are just some of our recommendations that you can find in our perfumery to help you face the fall, but if you have any other need to take care of yourself, come see us and we will be happy to advise you.

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