Who doesn't like glitter at Christmas? What woman doesn't want a little jewel that makes her feel beautiful? Do not know what to give this Christmas in Lanzarote? Do you want your girl to fall in love with you again? Discover Swarovski's winter collections and Pandora's Christmas collection.

Surprise your girl this Christmas with the most beautiful jewels

A beautiful and shiny leather bracelet to look like a real rock star, a ring or earrings with a moon design with a note that says "I have lowered the moon", this year's Swarosvki collection for this winter is simply glowing, bright and, amazing!

With the moon and its beautiful light as protagonists, it offers you a collection to see the stars! In addition to their designs with the moon, they also have pieces with precious brilliants. A very original and fun collection for all those women who like special pieces for their jewelry box with a touch of modernity.

If you are one of those people who goes crazy every time Christmas comes because they don't know what to give, choosing one of these Swarovski pieces will be a sure hit.

Do you want more ideas? Do you want to hit yes or yes? Do you know any women who do not like Pandora bracelets? These iconic pieces come this Christmas even more fun and original, and that is, their charms like everyone! The happy reindeer, the little gift, Minnie and Mickey in reindeer, the Christmas train, Santa Claus in reindeer, the radiant star or the frozen snowflake are some of the options, freeze you will leave the woman to give it to her when she sees it these pieces so nice and beautiful!

And if you want to complete your gift with some other little detail, do not hesitate to add the jewelry opener, the polished cloth or the Pandora jewelry cleaning set, real cute things for any flirtatious woman!

How can you choose among so many beautiful jewels? Well, if you are not too observant and never look at what she likes best, go to her jeweler and see what her style is, is it classic tastes ?, Are bracelets your favorite jewels? Then opt for the Pandora collection. And, a Pandora bracelet is always a success, in your girl's jewelry box there are modern pieces with original designs? Then bet on the cosmic glamor of Swarovski's winter collection.

This Christmas the women of Lanzarote will shine more than ever with the most beautiful jewelry you can imagine. Bet on Swarovski and Pandora, two reference brands in terms of jewelry refers to that they will not leave you indifferent, what are you waiting for to write the letter to the Magi?

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