Sam Parfums is a family business and with great values, therefore, whenever we can, we like to collaborate with causes that need it and contribute what is in our power to help. On this occasion we wanted to collaborate with the Martínez Hermanos Foundation, who since 2014, carry out commendable work in Equatorial Guinea, donating part of our stock of clothing and accessories for hospitals, schools and orphanages with which they collaborate. One of the Foundation's priorities is to promote humanitarian aid. Cooperation in the reconstruction of infrastructures for daily use (schools and housing) is another of its important pillars, with the purpose of increasing the quality of life of the population, fostering values ​​that help the improvement of society, supporting the training and generating employment. The natural environment is a very valuable asset, therefore, supporting reconstruction and raising the awareness of the population of Equatorial Guinea of ​​its care, are other actions that the Martínez Hermanos Foundation also carries out every year. Among the areas of action of the Foundation, are Childhood, Social Cooperation, Health Care, Training and Culture, Sports and Sustainability, areas that are of great importance to achieve their objectives. With this donation we are pleased to be able to collaborate with your invaluable work and make happy all those people who, with your help, manage to improve their quality of life. In addition to thanking the effort of all those who are part of it and make it possible. We also want to take advantage of this publication, to encourage all our clients and followers to collaborate with causes such as these, and thus, together, to create a better world for all of us who live there. If you want to collaborate with the Martínez Hermanos Foundation, you can do so by accessing this link

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