Renew and live a happier spring

If you live in Lanzarote or have ever been to our wonderful island, you will know that spring is a perfect season of the year to enjoy its charms. Although this season also has its handicaps for our beauty care, although, it is possible that this year is totally different from the previous ones thanks to a series of recommendations that we are going to comment on and that range from changing perfume to transmitting an image a lot. fresher and more youthful.

Effective tips to live an unforgettable spring

Can some beauty tips make you happy? Of course, in addition to being as simple as it is effective. Take note of our recommendations.

Change perfume

We understand that always wearing the same perfume is part of your personality, but perhaps you should take advantage of the arrival of good weather to renew your fragrance. Choose a lighter scent for this time of year, such as 212 Vip by Carolina Herrera or with floral and citrus touches such as So Scandal by Gaultier that will give you a fantastic freshness for the beginning of the change in temperatures, and that transports you, metaphorically, to a space where you can relax mentally.

Sunglasses importance

There are frames for all tastes and lenses in different colors that will become your best allies to protect your eyes from the most intense rays that arrive with the new season.


Choose the option that best represents you. Do you prefer the sophistication of brands like Gucci or Ralph Laurent? Maybe a more discreet model like the Miu Miu or Tommy Hilfiger? Analyze the shape of your face and trust your new glasses to stylize your facial oval and give you a more cheerful makeover.

One more year with the same bag?

Remember that it is the complement par excellence. Choose between the largest, small or intermediate models, depending on your needs. The use of solid colors such as the City de Tous model or prints such as the Kaos Bombonera from the same brand can give your personal style a totally different air.

Do you like backpacks?

Carrying a backpack is synonymous with mobility, being a modern woman and having any object you might need at hand. You can find various alternatives such as the Shelby Logogram or Kaos Dream models by Tous.

Create your own style

If you like to put on makeup, you should know that it is not appropriate to wear the same range of colors throughout the year. In spring it is advisable to use lighter colors that will bring luminosity to your face. To increase its effects, nothing better than acquiring an exfoliating treatment, such as Sisley Exfoliating cleansing gel for the face that is a great option, another that detoxifies your skin such as Juvena Detox essential oil and a third that hydrates and prepares your skin for the rise of temperatures.

Do not hesitate to change the color of your nails periodically to adapt to each moment. A good nail polish is always perfect to make a difference, the variety of colors of YSL La Laque couture will surprise you

As we indicated at the beginning, from your perfume to the last detail of your accessories, it can even include your mood. Start now to prepare yourself to star in a much happier spring.

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