Make mom feel special

The month of May is approaching and the first option that comes to mind to give on Mother's Day is a perfume. But there are hundreds of beauty and fashion gift items that a mother is excited to receive. Today you can buy the perfect detail at the click of a button, and we know a lot about that at Sam Parfums in Lanzarote.

Moms look forward to any gift and no one knows it better than you, a surprise gift, with varied fashion and beauty options, is the option with which you will never fail.

Beauty gifts for mom

Beauty has long ceased to be something ephemeral to become a health asset. Although the canons of beauty change from one woman to another and are subject to fashion, there are cosmetics that beautify, perfumes that seduce and jewelry that make a mother feel more attractive and sensual.

· For perfume lovers: The best way to surprise a mother is to choose an outstanding perfume. There are fragrances full of power, freshness and personality like Lady Million Empire by Paco Rabanne. These perfectly combine the ingredients, creating fresh, floral and some oriental bases such as jasmine, sandalwood ... One of the keys to making the perfume a success is to include a small note explaining how to perfume yourself, making your gift more unique. We leave you these tips to include in that special note:

Prepare the skin with a scented balm to make the scent last longer.

Apply just the right amount to the wrists, neck, or inside of the knees.

Spray it with a spray 30 cm from the skin so that the aroma is released little by little.

For those who love fashion: It is easier to give accessories than clothes. If you opt for a bag that is from the brand that your mother likes the most, surely with Tous you will not fail, as for example with the large pink Shelby Tous Shopping, practical, modern and original. If you opt for sunglasses, which are large and striking "60s", in our stores you will find the best brands such as Gucci, Rayban, Ralph Laurent ...

For jewelry fans: You must choose between the type of jewelry that combines well with all looks, clothing or makeup style, and that gives a special shine to your skin to highlight its beauty. A set of necklace and earrings from Swarovski can be a perfect option for a super special mother's day.

At Sam Parfums we have what you need. From the most select perfume to the high-end makeup that any woman loves to receive as a beauty gift.

We have a website for online sales. A section of fashion brands and accessories, sunglasses, bags and fashion in general, can solve the gift for Mother's Day. You will have the security of getting it right thanks to good advice from our team if you need to ask any questions.

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