Enjoy the sun safely and at the best price this summer

Summer is here and with it, beach afternoons, walks in the sun and although this time somewhat different, the long-awaited vacation. In our Lanzarote perfume shop you will find everything you need to enjoy the summer season safely and, best of all, at a good price.

Tips to take care of yourself this summer

Temperatures are rising and you are wanting to take advantage of the benefits of sunlight. Before exposing yourself to the star king, consider these tips. Not only will they help you enjoy the good weather, but they will also save you some setbacks and their consequences. Take note of them.

Bet on an extra protection for your skin

To the daily care that your skin needs, you must add at this time of year a sunscreen capable of blocking UVA and UVB rays. Choose high protection to prevent photoaging and other skin damage. Also get an after sun, to take care of the excesses of the sun when you return home.

Hydrate and care for your face with the best cosmetics

Cosmetics become more necessary if possible at this time. Therefore, it is recommended that you use a facial cream that fights premature aging and the appearance of spots. Go for a brand that has high sun protection and use it daily, even if the day is cloudy. Complement its use with a perspiration-resistant makeup also equipped with protection. You will have a flawless appearance.

Choose a fresh perfume

Change fragrance and opt for a fresh and sparkling one. Citrus fruits are ideal for the summer. Also those with notes of orange blossom, melon, raspberry, mandarin and bergamot. Its aroma will make you fall in love.

Say goodbye to cellulite

If you are someone who enjoys taking care of yourself, spend a few minutes a day preparing your body for the moment when you want to wear a bikini and shorts. Trust the power of anti-cellulite, especially those that contain red algae extract and caffeine. If you are constant, you will be able to reshape your silhouette and your skin will look smoother in a few weeks.

Don't forget the sunglasses

They are the essential complement in the sun. The most classic models are still current. Others reinvent themselves to follow fashion trends. At Sam Parfums we have a wide variety of brands ... Ray-Ban, Gucci, Moschino, Dior and Keons, among others. You will also find them on sale, with discounts of up to 40%. Take the opportunity.

It is time to take care of yourself. Visit our stores in Lanzarote and we will advise you so that you can get all those products that will allow you to look better than ever. Get ready. This may be the best summer of your life.

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