The Canary Islands is a must-see destination that you have to visit sometime in your life. Many are those who fall in love with this land of enviable temperatures both in summer and winter, its small fairy towns and its cosmopolitan cities; the beaches of white or black sand perfect to disconnect and the leafy mountains that guard their people.

Today we are going to recommend eight places in the Canary Islands that you can not miss....

Morrojable Fuerteventura

  1. Morro Jable, Fuerteventura: If you go to the blond island, Fuerteventura, prepare the swimsuit because your main plan will be to go to the beach. A simple route by car from Corralejo to Puerto del Rosario can be your ideal road to make stops by beaches. We recommend that you go to Morro Jable, that old fishing village in the south of the island, in the Pájara municipality. At first glance it may seem like a tourist center, but when you get to the avenue and see that almost white beach with no waves, you realize that it has something special. In addition, at night in the bars of the area there is a great gastronomic offer, while you enjoy good music.

  2. Las Palmas, Gran Canaria:

    If what you want is to go shopping and enjoy some cultural or leisure activities, your option is to take a leap to Las Palmas, in Gran Canaria. With a varied theatrical offer, concerts, good restaurants and bars, big shops and boutiques; as well as the old town of Vegueta that makes anyone or one afternoon fall in love with Triana, which may be the best option to end the day. If you want to take a bath on the beach you can also in Las Canteras, and right next to it you have the Alfredo Kraus auditorium so you do not miss the opportunity to enjoy some cultural event.

    Valle gran rey La gomera
  3. Valle Gran Rey, La Gomera:

    If you are looking for the total disconnection of work and day to day, your option is to hit a getaway to La Gomera. The "colombina" island is very small and mountainous, so relax and enjoy the road until you reach Valle Gran Rey, the most touristic area of the island. There you have different accommodation possibilities, plus a nice avenue to walk around. Do not leave La Gomera without doing some walking route through the dozens of trails that the island has.

    La Laguna Tenerife
  4. La Laguna, Tenerife:

    Have you been to any World Heritage city? If your answer is no, you have to go to Tenerife. San Cristobal de La Laguna is a beautiful welcoming city very close to Santa Cruz. Its stately homes and cobbled streets make it a magical place. The cold here is one of the protagonists, so if you go in winter do not leave your coat and take a coffee in one of its many cafes. In addition, its streets are full of life for the many students who reside there, and if you go through the pedestrian streets, you will not miss a concert to enjoy while doing some shopping.

    Santa cruz de la palma
  5. Santa Cruz de la Palma:

    What will Santa Cruz have that everyone falls in love with? The "Isla Bonita" has many corners that make it a magical place, one of them is its capital, Santa Cruz. A small friendly and welcoming city that crosses its streets transport you to past centuries. If you have the chance, make your visit coincide with the Fiesta de los Indianos, in full carnivals and you will see how the streets fill with talcum powder and people dressed in white, simulating those palm emigrants who returned from Cuba. Do not get lost if you see the "Negra Tomasa" and show yourself some salsa dance.

    Árbol Garoé
  6. El árbol Garoé, El Hierro:

    Since you set foot in the Los Cangrejos airport in El Hierro, you know that something has changed. The clock stops and peace reigns throughout the island of the Meridian. The voice of the folklorist Valentina the one of Sabinosa, still resounds in the mountains and the silence is the protagonist of all the visits. El Hierro is full of hidden natural pools where you can take a dip, we recommend "El Charco Azul", in Frontera. But, do not leave the island without visiting the Garoré Tree. History tells us that thanks to this tree the Herreños got water in times of drought. And we do not doubt it. The area where the Garoé is is full of vegetation and you just have to put yourself on his lap to see how the drops of water fall from its leaves. An unrepeatable experience.

    Playa de Famara Lanzarote
  7. Famara, Lanzarote:

    For lovers of water sports, the choice is Famara beach; If what you like is to take a book and spend hours on a beach cherished by the imposing cliff and overlooking La Graciosa, your choice is Famara beach; If you go with children and want them to have a lot of space to play ball, make castles, and other games without bothering others, your choice is Famara beach. Look where you look, Famara is always the best option. A completely virgin beach in the municipality of Teguise that is protected by Unesco. If you go to Lanzarote it is a must, and do not forget to take a picture!

    La graciosa
  8. La Graciosa:

    The Eighth Island, is that small inhabited island, objective of the lovers of the sea and the sun. A small fishing village that with the passage of time, despite its growth, continues to maintain the essence. White sands and crystal clear waters, they are the true photograph of this small island. You can move by bike or jeep. Spend a day at the beach of La Concha and take a breath while you have views of Alegranza and Montaña Clara. And for lunch, a good fish is the chosen food.

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