Take care of your skin in summer

Skin care in the summer

What should you do to protect your skin and beauty? It's better to prevent than to cure. Follow our advice, especially if you live in places where the sun's rays fall more aggressively, such as Lanzarote.

The basic: sunscreen

There is nothing better than to establish a barrier so that these rays do not fall directly on our skin. ¿Why is it so important? Because the sun's rays can cause spots, different types of cancer and can even accelerate the appearance of wrinkles. In fact, did you know that photo-aging occurs more and more in the population due to undue sunbathing? Using Lancaster Sun Beaytu Face Creates SPF 50 or Biotherm lait Solare Face and Body SPF 30 may be the right thing to ensure maximum protection, body and face. For delicate skin, Lancaster Sun Delicate Skin Cream Spf 50 is a must. We also need to take care of the children's skin, since it is especially more sensitive than that of adults. And remember that the skin has memory. Burns that occur at children ages can lead to serious diseases in adulthood. Choosing Anne Moller Express Sun Kids SPF 30 is a good option.

An anticellulitic

Some products, such as Shiseido Body Creator anti cellulite, can prepare the skin to reduce cellulite in this time. It is important to use it, both to prevent the appearance and to fight against it. Excessive exposure to the sun is not appropriate, as it destroys collagen and accentuates the alteration.

Body oil to hydrate

One of the main keys to prolong your desired tan and to avoid skin damage, is to use a product, such as Clarins anti-huile oil, which hydrate in depth. The oils are very indicated, thanks to its fatty content allows to penetrate through the layers of the tissue improving hydration and cell turgor. Remember that if the cells are well hydrated, they will resist better against external aggressions and you will get a much healthier skin. Eat foods rich in vitamins It is important that you follow a diet rich in antioxidants and vitamins. These compounds will act to protect your skin by eliminating free radicals (produced by the sun's rays). It is best to take fruits like kiwi and carrots. Remember to watch your skin in summer and see your doctor for possible injuries that appear. Get hydrated, protect yourself and eat well.

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