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How to choose the perfect perfume

According to the season of the year

The season of the year influences the choice of perfume. And, the heat, sweat and even how we perceive the environment, accompany a perfume or another. As a general rule we can say that hot perfumes are the best for cold and fresh when temperatures start to rise. In winter, for example, fragrances with aroma of spices and vanilla are very suitable. In autumn, woody fragrances such as patchuli or cedar are better; in spring, the floral aromas and in summer, the fresh and light aromas.
Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume is very suitable for spring thanks to its output notes, violet leaves, blood, strawberry and grapefruit; those of heart, violet, jasmine and gardenia; and its background touches such as vanilla, white woods and musk. And for men, Issey Miyake Majeure shade of sea, a perfume inspired by the salty sea, in addition to lemon, bergamot, orange or rosemary, among others.

According to the occasion

It is not the same to choose an aroma to go to work, than for a wedding or to spend a day of sun and beach in Lanzarote, for example. It is also important that you distinguish between day and night. For the day and for informal events or even to go to work, choose a light and fresh fragrance. However for the night and the more formal events, the sweet, spicy or woody aromas are the most suitable. Eau vitaminee de Biotherm is ideal for day to day. With grapefruit, orange, jasmine, musk and freesia.
According to the personality

The perfumes as well as the clothes define us as people, that is why it is very important to choose the fragrance that defines us the most. It is very frequent that sometimes we try different perfumes until finding ours, for example if you define yourself as a person who likes above all the naturalness, the fresh aromas with citrus fruits are a good choice. If you like seduction, perfumes with a touch of vanilla are yours, and for romantic women, orange or jasmine are ideal.
If you want to hit your perfume in summer or at any other time of the year and depending on the occasion, do not leave these tips behind. And above all, let yourself be guided by your personality.

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