Aloe vera from the Canary Islands is one of the most numerous plants in Lanzarote and has a large number of properties. It is true that although it is famous for the care of the skin due to its regenerative action, it also provides other beneficial factors such as digestive action, protects the immune system, for example.

At Sam Parfums we have a wide variety of these products that are made from the gel that usually makes the Aloe Vera stalk a natural way. Some of the most popular you can find in our Sam Parfums stores, are the Aloe Vera NS Serum Multivitamin, a skin care product that has a high concentration of active ingredients in its formula based on aloe. Its texture is lighter than that of the creams, in addition to providing the freshness of its plant of origin. It is applied as a base on clean skin because the objective is that its assets come into contact without intermediaries, with the skin.

After applying the Aloe Vera Serum Multivitamin, you can apply your normal hydrating cream, this will cause the effects to multiply. Take it out in the morning and at night, from the inside to the outside, in circular movements.

As a moisturizer we recommend that you use Aloe Vera Revitalizing Cream, in the same line as the cervix, it provides the hydration that your skin needs both in summer and in winter. Its light texture makes you feel your skin much fresher and hydrated. Apply it after the aloe vera serum, and you will notice the effects a few days later! avera-ns-crema-revitalizante-250ml.jpg
If you are from the Canary Islands, you will know that it is one of the areas of the world where there is more ultraviolet radiation, so visitors or residents of the islands should protect our skin by applying sunscreen every morning. From Sam Parfums we encourage you to try Aloe Vera Sun Protection SPF 30, the protection you need for your face and body, as well as containing the properties of the aloe plant.

In addition, Aloe Vera Sun Protection SPF 30 comes in a bottle of the most comfortable with a dispenser, which you can place in a toilet and apply it quickly every time you leave home.

And since we are talking about the face and the body, you can not miss the product that does not fail in all the toilets: glycerin soap based on aloe vera. You can use it for the hands as well as the face and body. A star product within the range of aloe vera that can not miss in your shopping cart.

What are you waiting for to do all this range of articles? The aloe vera products that we have in all Sam Parfums stores are of the highest quality and with a natural base highly valued in Lanzarote and throughout the Canary Islands. Do not stay without them!

Aloe Vera Canarias

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