There is no trick to make them longer or rare miraculous remedies
erase cellulite, but there are routines that significantly improve your
appearance. Ready to know our strategy 'pretty legs'?

We mentioned before that the legs have hardly sebaceous glands, right? It is the reason why your skin is so dry. And notice for navigators: with the passage of time, it goes to more. And if we belong to that majority who are too lazy to put cream on their bodies. What we want more for! Before we know it, we will have legs with an unfriendly gray tone and even capable of hooking the stockings in winter.

That's the bad news. The good ones? That solving it is as simple as hydrating intensively. Of course, we are going to give some tricks so that this nutrition will give us much more and translate into a pure silk skin.


Do not limit yourself to extending your favorite cream once a day, no: make it two! Especially in places of air conditioning (highly dehydrating) or the days after sunbathing.


Natural oils are a gift that penetrates and acts in depth. Among our favorites are Shiseido advance body creator super slimming reducer, clarins smoothing body milk with aloe vera 400ml. Apply very little amount and heat it between the palms before extending it, with wide movements, always from bottom to top. If you have extremely dry skin, you may have sealed that hydration by spreading a cream over it, as this will act as a nutritive shield, "trapping" and fixing that oil on the skin.With hardly any sebaceous glands, the skin of the legs is very dry: that's why you need extra hydration.

Heavy legs? So they are relieved

We recommend the Gel ALOE VERA GEL MUSCULAR COLD-HEAT 250ML, the first step to calm the sensation of pain is to use a jet of water from feet to groin to reactivate the circulation.

- Afterwards, a specific cream for legs is applied: they have a refreshing action that relieves and lightens.

- The next step takes at least ten minutes, and lies in the bed or on the floor so that the legs form an angle of 90 degrees with the trunk, with these stuck to the wall from ankles to buttocks.

- Within two minutes of having your feet up, you can enhance the effect of improving the venous return by moving your feet with a swinging gesture, as if you were stepping on an accelerator.

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