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Choosing a good perfume is essential to take care of our image and it is that whoever has us in front of us not only perceives us with sight, but does so with the rest of the senses. Just as we take care of the clothes we wear when dressing, it is also important to take care of the perfume we choose before going out to the streets of Lanzarote or any city in the world, since it will say many things about who we are.

A quality fragrance will help you create a good first impression, since all the senses function as receivers of information when we interact with others, and a perfume will subtly influence your image and therefore it is very important to choose a quality aroma that represent you and help you transmit your best version.

Why is it better to opt for a brand perfume?

Brands, especially luxury ones, such as Chanel and Tous, are very aware that perfumes are part of their most demanded product range, so they take this opportunity to attract the attention of customers with quality perfumes.

This quality is translated into special aromas and personality, with notes much richer than perfumes of the most accessible range. Quality is another factor that they have in mind, brands understand perfumes as a representation of their couture products, so they do not miss the opportunity to create a good shopping experience.

If the perfume is for a gift or if you will simply enjoy it yourself, the aspirational values ​​that accompany a brand will make its use a pleasure. Knowing that your scent is dressed in Victor and Rolf, Yve Saint Laurent or Dolce & Gabana, will bring security and confidence.

Where to buy branded perfumes in Lanzarote?

Today, the distributor's choice is almost as important as selecting the type of perfume you want to represent you. In recent years, physical and online stores that distribute used and imitation products have proliferated, so we must inform ourselves well before choosing where to buy our products. Preventing allergic reactions from products of poor quality or in poor condition is only one of the advantages of using authorized stores.

In addition, in a multi-brand like Sam Parfums, you have the entire offer concentrated in an exclusive space, where the shopping experience is carefully taken care of. Luxury brands such as Prairie, Kanebo, Sisley or Clarins among others, protect their prestige by taking care of their distributors, so that the quality of the deal and the offer are the minimum requirements that must be met to sell their products. Choosing perfumes, cosmetics and accessories is not a simple choice, so choosing authorized and quality distributors will ensure that your experience is completely satisfactory and without surprises.

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