Benefits of Aloe Vera

In Lanzarote, aloe vera plants abound and, thanks to them, a large number of regenerating cosmetic products for your skin can be made. It also has other very important health benefits, although they are less popular, we will see some of them below and learn a little more about this wonderful plant.

What is aloe vera?

It is a shrub with jagged leaves and short stem, which comes from tropical Africa, where they used it as an antidote. With his arrival in Europe, the Romans and Greeks used it to refresh and heal sores, wounds or burns. Although aloe vera is not the one with the highest properties of all aloe, it is the most used because it produces the most gel.

Aloe Benefits

Aloe can be used for both internal and external use. In the first case, it can be taken as capsules, infusions or juice. As for external use, it is usual to use it on the skin for healing purposes and in the perfume and beauty sector.

After shave and after sun natural

Aloe Vera gel can be used after hair removal or shaving. It will prevent the appearance of pimples or redness and accelerate the recovery process of your skin. If in summer you are looking for a totally natural after sun, do not forget to think about using the ecological pure gel that will relieve sunburn due to its soothing and moisturizing properties.

It promotes healing

It helps tissue growth and allows healing to be deeper and faster due to its great penetration power. The aloe vera bio gel and rosehip will help you in these situations as it favors the production of collagen and also perfect to reduce facial marks.

Eliminate acne

Aloe is a product widely used in the world of cosmetics because it favors the removal of dirt and excess fat that accumulate in the pores, helping in acne removal treatments and also preventing it.


Among its qualities, we find the advantage that it also protects against UV rays, so it can be applied a few minutes before sun exposure to give more protection to our skin against sun damage.

Combat constipation

A citrus juice mixed with gel is perfect for constipation problems, since aloe favors contractions in the colon and helps with transit. Taken on an empty stomach and due to its purifying properties, it is excellent for weight loss.

Great moisturizer

It is one of the most natural skin moisturizers, if you apply it on the face with a cosmetic such as multivitamin serum, it can help you reduce spots, soften and firm the skin.

Using the contour of eyes and lips, moisturizes, softens and reduces small lines of expression.

These are some of the benefits and uses of aloe vera that have made this plant a product that cannot be missing from your shopping list for personal care. If you have any questions, visit us and we will be happy to advise you.

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