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Pheromone perfumes and effectiveness: what does the science say?

Pheromone perfumes are becoming increasingly popular and claim to have the ability to enhance attraction between individuals and the confidence of those who wear them.

However, is there any scientific evidence to back up these claims? In this post we will look at what science says about the effectiveness of pheromone perfumes, how these perfumes are composed and how to find out if a pheromone perfume is good or bad. 

What are pheromone perfumes made of?

Pheromone perfumes are composed of a combination of chemicals designed to mimic human pheromones. These products contain a variety of ingredients, some of which are common in traditional perfumes, while others are specific to pheromone perfumes:

  • Androstenoneis a natural pheromone found in human sweat and is believed to have an attractive effect on women.
  • Androstadienoneis another natural pheromone found in human sweat that is believed to have an attractive effect on women.
  • Copulinais a chemical produced by women during ovulation that is believed to have an attractive effect on men.

Common ingredients include essential oils, alcohol, water and fragrances, each in varying proportions. depending on whether it is perfume or cologne

It is important to note that pheromone perfumes do not contain real human pheromones.. Instead, they contain chemicals designed to mimic the effect of human pheromones in the body. This is a purely artificial process.

perfumes with pheromones work

What does science say about pheromone perfumes?

There is much debate in the scientific community about the effectiveness of pheromone perfumes and results vary from person to person. Keep in mind that the same perfume does not smell the same on two different people.Each one of us has a variable chemical composition that makes us smell with certain different nuances (even if the base, i.e. the perfume, is the same).

In theory, pheromones are chemicals that occur naturally in the human body and play a role in attraction. Manufacturers of pheromone perfumes claim that they adding these substances to your products can increase arousal and improve confidence of those who use them. However, scientific research on the effectiveness of pheromone perfumes does not agree on the effectiveness of pheromone perfumes, and results vary widely.

Some studies suggest that pheromones may have a positive effect on attraction, while some studies suggest that pheromones may have a positive effect on attraction. other studies have found no significant difference between those who use pheromone perfumes and those who don't in terms of attractiveness. So in this sense we advise you not to rely only on pheromone perfumes to increase your attractiveness, there are many more factors!

In short, whether you use them or not is entirely up to you and, above all, whether or not you find it pleasant to use. As a curiosity, the famous men's deodorant brand Axe is famous for using them, as are others like Emporio Armani o Yves Saint Laurent

perfumes pheromones components

How can I tell if a perfume with pheromones is good or bad?

There are several ways in which you can determine whether a pheromone perfume is good or bad:

  1. Check pheromone concentrationMake sure it has an effective concentration of pheromones. Low quality pheromone perfumes may have an insufficient amount to be effective.
  2. Research the ingredientsPheromone Perfume: should have high quality ingredients that are backed by science. A quality pheromone perfume will have specific ingredients and pheromone concentrations that have been tested in scientific studies.
  3. Read reviews and commentsResearch customer reviews and comments to determine if pheromone perfume is effective. Look for reviews from people who have used pheromone perfume and have had similar results to what you are looking for.
  4. Search for manufacturer informationWe have mentioned above the most famous brands that use pheromones in the chemical composition of their perfumes, but there are many more, for both men and women. Soak up the product, the brand, its manufacturing process and its reputation. A quality manufacturer will have a lot of evidence to back up the effectiveness of their products.
  5. Try the perfumeWhat better way to see if it works than to try it yourself? Buy a sample or a small size of the perfume and try it on your skin. See if you get a positive response from the people around you and if you feel more attractive or confident when you wear it. Remember: the smell of your perfume will vary slightly when you wear it on your skin. Keep this in mind when you go to try it on.

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