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4 tips to get your eye shadow right

In the world of make-up, every detail counts and the colour of your eyes plays an important role in choosing the right eyeshadows. Each eye shade has unique characteristics and nuances that can be enhanced with the right colours. In this article you will learn how to choose eye shadows according to your eye colour for a perfect and flattering eye make-up look.

Which eye shadow colour suits you?

The eyes are a fundamental element of our face and eye make-up can enhance their beauty in a surprising way. However, not all EYE SHADOWS work in the same way on every look. It is important to consider the colour of your iris when choosing shades to achieve a harmonious and flattering effect.

Below we will see the possible combos you can make according to the different shades. 

2. Brown eye shadows

Brown eyes are versatile and go well with a wide range of eye shadow colours. 

To enhance its beauty, you can opt for warm tones such as gold, bronze, copper and dark browns. These colours enhance the depth of your eyes and give a certain mysterious air. You can also experiment with more daring shades such as the purples, greens and blues to create interesting contrasts.

3. Blue eye shadows

Blue eyes are beautiful and can stand out even more with the right shades. Warm tones such as peaches, bronzes and golden browns can create a striking contrast with the blue of your eyes. 

Cool tones such as blues, greys and silvers can also enhance the intensity of your eyes. Avoid shades that are too dark, While a black shadow may be tempting, the truth is that it looks overdone and, if you have fair skin, it will make you look a bit sinister.

Choosing eyeshadow according to iris

4. Green eye shadows

Green eyes have a unique beauty and can be enhanced with the right shades. 

The earth tones such as browns, bronzes and olive greens can naturally bring out the green colour of your eyes. You can also opt for purple and plum tones to create a striking contrast. Avoid shades that are too bright, You would get the opposite effect to the one you are looking for ....

5. Hazelnut eyeshadow

Hazel eyes have a combination of brown and green tones, which makes them incredibly versatile. You can opt for tNeutral colours such as browns, golds and bronzes to enhance its warmth. Shades of green and purple can also create a fascinating effect. 

6. Black eye shadows

Black eyes are deep and enigmatic and eye shadows can enhance their beauty in a surprising way. The gold, bronze, copper and dark brown tones are ideal for emphasising their depth. Shades of purple, green and blue can also create a fascinating contrast. 

Do not use black eye shadowunless it is combined with another colour, because then the eye will not stand out as you would like it to.

General tips for choosing eyeshadows

  • Consider your skin toneWhen choosing eyeshadows, just as in the case of the choosing your foundationIf you have a warm skin tone, you should also consider your skin tone. Warm skin tones may blend well with warm shades of shadows, while cooler skin tones may benefit from cooler shades of shadows.
  • Try different combinationsDon't be afraid to experiment with different colour combinations. You can create amazing looks by combining complementary or contrasting shades.
  • Consider the occasionKeep in mind the context for which you are applying your make-up. The more neutral, muted shades are ideal for everyday wear, while more intense, bold shades are perfect for special events or nights out.
  • Uses appropriate application techniquesLearn different eye shadow application techniques to achieve different effects. You can use smudging, gradient or liner techniques to create unique looks.

Remember that choosing the right eyeshadows is only the first step. It's also important to care for and prepare the skin around your eyes before applying make-up. Maintain a proper facial care routine and use quality products to ensure a flawless result. 

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